Jul 23, 2021

Poll: OKC Mayor David Holt Poised for Re-Election

A recent poll of 400 registered voters in the city of Oklahoma City conducted by CHS & Associates shows Mayor David Holt is well-known, well-liked, and poised for reelection in February of 2022. Even in a hyper-partisan environment, most Oklahoma City voters appear to be brushing those issues to the side when it comes to their local municipal government.

David Holt is very well-known among Oklahoma City voters. In fact, 93% recall his name and 71% know enough about him to form an opinion. It is important to note, much of this name recognition has come despite his not having had what would be considered a serious initial election. Not only is Holt’s 56% favorable / 15% unfavorable rating solid, his 30% strongly favorable and only 8% strongly unfavorable rating is impressive. What really sets Holt apart, however, is that he is a +35 among registered Republicans (54% favorable / 19% unfavorable) and a +49 among registered Democrats (61% favorable / 12% unfavorable). In today’s political environment, it is very unusual to see a candidate who is able to draw such support from members of both parties.

For full poll results, visit https://chs-inc.com/okc-mayor-david-holt-poised-for-reelection/