Jan 30, 2022

Over 2,000 Champions for OKC Announce their Endorsement of Mayor David Holt

Endorsers come from all walks of life, parts of the city; are also joined by 20 groups and entities

With just one week left until Oklahoma City chooses its mayor, more than 2,000 champions for Oklahoma City are stepping forward in an unprecedented fashion to publicly announce their support for Mayor David Holt and ask the residents of Oklahoma City to cast their votes for him on Tuesday, February 8th.

The more than 2,000 names on the list come from all walks of life and all parts of the city. They are pastors and police officers, teachers and doctors. They are firefighters, mayors, governors, legislators and plumbers. They are small business owners, retired military, nurses and entrepreneurs.   They come from every part of the city – Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast.  They are Republicans, Democrats and Independents and represent every ethnicity and religion.  Though many things could divide them, they choose to find common purpose and to stand together as One OKC.  Today, with our city’s momentum on the line, they are standing together to ask the people of Oklahoma City to cast their votes for Mayor David Holt on February 8th.

“I have carried a message for four years that anything is possible if we work together as One OKC,” said Mayor Holt.  “We have demonstrated that time and again these last four years, through triumphs and challenges.  There are always those who will try to divide our community, but we will never let them.   I am so grateful to these more than 2,000 supporters for being willing to publicly endorse my re-election, and I look forward to celebrating the continuation of our city’s renaissance with them and all our residents on February 8th.”

The more than 2,000 champions for OKC are joined by a lengthy list of groups and entities also encouraging the people of Oklahoma City to vote for Mayor Holt on February 8th.  


The list of endorsing groups and entities includes:

The Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 123

OKC Firefighters, IAFF Local 157

Oklahoma City Retired Firefighters Association

AFSCME, Local 2406

Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors 

Vietnamese American Community of Oklahoma 

Oklahoma Medical Political Action Committee (OMPAC)

Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers, Local 2309

Concerned Clergy for Spiritual Renewal

Oklahoma City Baptist Ministers Association

Laborers International Union of North American, Local 107

South Chamber Political Action Committee

Oklahoma Municipal Contractors Association 

Oklahoma Building and Construction Trades Council 

Central Oklahoma Labor Federation

The Black Chronicle

Hola Oklahoma 

Plumbers and Pipefitters, Local 344

Asia Society of Oklahoma 

ONTRAC (Oklahomans for New Transportation Alternatives Coalition)

And Mayor Holt is supported by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber Political Action Committee.


The more than 2,000 individual endorsers for Mayor David Holt are (in alphabetical order):

Justin Acklin

Liz Cromwell Acklin

Daniel Adams

Grady Adams

Lyn Adams

Maurianna Adams

Mike Adams

Tina Adams

Sarah Adams-Cornell

Dennis Adkins

Dr. Jill Adler

Dr. Stephen Adler

Vivian Adler

Steve Agee

Adam Aguilar

Dr. Mark Aittaniemi

Molly Aittaniemi

Beverly Aivazian

Sean Akers

Treena Akers

Lawrence Albers

Melissa Albers

Tommi Aldridge

Chad Alexander

Brian Alford

Ronita Alford

Catherine Allen

Joey Allen

Jenae Allert

Justin Allert

Cecilia Alsay

Father Joseph Alsay

Katie Altshuler

Dustin Ames

Alfred Anderson

Don Anderson

Michael Anderson

Mo Anderson

Renee Anderson

Dewayne Andrews

Carotta Anglin

Debbie Anglin

Kenneth Anglin

Maurice Anglin

Governor Bill Anoatubby

Rusty Appleton

Stefanie Appleton

Joseph Arguello

Lydia Arguello

Dann Armour

Sue Ann Arnall

Anita Arnold

Marco Arzate

Kitti Asberry

Mary Kay Audd

Dolores Aughtry

Pascal Aughtry

Andromeda Augustino

Ford Austin

Phil Bacharach

Alisa Baez

Miguel Baez

Dr. Randy Baker

Rose Mary Baker

Cindy Jordan Ballard

Lorrie Bamford

Cindy Banks

Howard Banks

Kelley Barnes

Lisette Barnes

Ed Barth

Leslie Batchelor

Johnny Bates

Amanda M. Beal

Wade Beard

Bob Murl Bearden

Rebecca Beaucourt

Antonio Becerra

Lori Bedford

Mark Beffort

Carolyn Bennett

Clayton I. Bennett

Rep. Forrest Bennett

Kenneth Bennett

Kenny Bennett

Rev. Lee Benson

Debi Bentley

Leonard Benton

Christine Berney

Lou Berney

Tim Berney

Kim Bernhardt

David Bernstein

Debbie Berry, APRN-CNS

Dianna Berry

M.T. Berry

Connie Bert

Elizabeth Bertels

Dick Beshear

Harvey Bethany

Christi-Lynn Bethea

Jeff Bezdek

Dr. Faizah Bhatti

David Biard

Lane Billarrial

Brandon Bishop

Leonard Bishop

Cris Bitsche

Ray Bitsche

Jeff Black

Bob Blackburn

Debbie Blackburn

Tracy Blair

Sharon Blakely

Ed Blau

Jennifer G. Blease, USAF Ret.

Missy Blevins

Steve Blevins

Commissioner Carrie Blumert

Kelly Blundell

Kris Boatright

Zane Boatright

Andy Bogert

Brett Bogert

Brian Bogert

Brooke Bogert

Vicki Bogert

Cheryl Bollar

J. Ted Bonham

Pastor Kelly Booker

Jennifer Booker

Scott Booker

Michael Boone

The Hon. Dan Boren

Joanna Boren

Katy Boren

Leroy Boren

Cheryl Boswell

Crysta Bouse

John Bowers

Stefanie Bowers

Rhonda Bowlware

Tracy Bowlware

Lesa Bowman, RN

OKCPS Board Member Lori Bowman

David Boyd

Sally Boyd

Michelle Boykin

Rachel Bradley

Dr. Darin Brannan

Lori Brannan

Justin Brannon

Traci Brannon

G. Todd Brawley

Sarah Brawley

Chris Brewster

Karel Brewster

Alison Bridgmon

K. Briggs

Suzanne Broadbent

Bailey Brooks

Gary Brooks

Greg Brooks

Jonathan Brooks

State Senator Michael Brooks

Michelle Brooks

Jerry Broughton

Elizabeth Brothers

Larry Brouk

Allen Brown

Ben Brown

Brian Brown

David Brown

Derek Brown

Emanuyel Brown

Heather Brown

Janet Brown

Katie Brown

Kaylynn Brown

Pam Brown

Pat Brown

Tom Brown

Sayaka Brown-Hirata

Bobby Bruemmer

Kelli Bruemmer

Emily Bruhn

Richard Bruner

Betsy Brunsteter

Pastor Earl W. Bryant

Stan Bryant

Clay Buchanan

Jaretta Buchanan

Lisa Buck

Steven Buck

John Budd

Rebecca Budd

Sonny Bui, US Army Ret.

Cheryl Bullard

Sharon Bullard

Brook Bullock

Jilliane Burdin

Martha Burger

Linda Burgett

Bob Burke

Beth Burkhart

Andy Burnett

Daphne Burnett

Greg Burns

Patricia Burns

Yvonne Burns

Barry Burris

Bryan Burroughs

Heather Busey

Philip Busey

Brent Bushey

Carmen Busing

Stephen G. Butler

Hans Butzer

Pat Byrne

Laura Cade

Ann Caine

Virginia Calame

Anne Caldwell

Pastor Bill Caldwell II

Gwendolyn Caldwell

Sharon Caldwell

Tony Caldwell

Lori Callahan

Bill Cameron

Danielle Campbell

Dillon Campbell

Lisa Campbell

Miriam Campos

Allison Canfield

Seth Canfield

Nathan Cao

Karen Caraway

Tom Caraway

Pastor Bill Cardwell

Michael Carnuccio

Dave Carpenter

Christy Carson

Chip Carter

Wade Carter

Letha Casey

Robb Cason

John Castillo

Chris Castro

Logan Cates

Terri Cates

Milo Cevallos

Bishop Lester Cezar

Bryon Chambers

Dr. Dave Chansolme

Jennifer Chansolme

Austin Chappell

Dr. Kelly K. Chaves

Rocky Chavez

Darla Cheek

Jeff Cheek

Alejandro Chevez

Gerri Childress

Darci Choi

Wade Christensen

Minister Amziah Christman

Jefferson Cifuentes

Mickey L. Clagg

Brady Clark

Emily Clark

Jill Clark

Linda Clark

William Clark

Angela Clemmons

Angela Click

Jeff Click

Joshua Click

K.C. Clifford

Brenda Clink

Joe Clink

Joe Clytus

Mayor Andy Coats

Danielle Coats

Sandy Coats

Bishop Malcolm Coby

Courtney Coghill

Phillip Coghill

Holly Cole

Amy Coleman

Pastor Byron Coleman

Jeremy Coleman

Josh Coleman

Tony Coleman

Conner Coles

Patti Colley

Tom Colley

Dr. Jack Collier

Morgan Collier

Dr. Susannah Collier

Todd Collier

Darcy Collins

James A. Collins, CPC

Betsy Colton

Graham Colton

Norma Condreay

Bart Conner

Christopher Cook

Erin E. Cook

Christine Cook-Medina

Coy Cooksey

Alicia Cooper

Councilman James Cooper

Jeremiah Cooper

Pastor Lee E. Cooper, Jr.

Lerri Cooper

Nikki Cooper

Pamela L. Cooper

Rick Cooper

Terri Cooper

Lauren Corbyn

Casey Cornett

Marek Cornett

Mayor Mick Cornett

Mike Cornett

Terri Cornett

Art Cotton

Sandy Cotton

Jim Cowan

John Coyle

Julee Coyle

Terrance Craft

John D. Cresap

Ben Crocker

Kinsey Crocker

M. Joe Crosthwait, Jr.

Jim Couch

Joe Couch

Valerie Couch

Anttwain Cox

Brittany Cox

Carless Cox

Danielle Karim Cox

David Cox

Rep. Kevin Cox

Wayne Coyne

Denver Crabb

Scott Cravens

Rev. Arthur R. Crawford

Linda Crawford

Steven Crawford

David Crilly

Jennifer Crilly

Roger Cude

Cristy Culwell

Aly Cunningham

Meredith  Cunningham

Sara Cunningham

Skip Cunningham

Stacey Cunningham

Dr. Kelly A. Curran, MD, MA

Aaron Curry

Scott Curry

Staci Curry

Phylesia Dailey

Pastor Wayne F. Dallas

Evalia Darling

Elizabeth Dalton

Lyndsey Darnell

Mark Davenport

Barrett Davidson

Erica Davidson

Alan Davis

Bethany Davis

Brian Davis

Bruce Davis

Debra Davis

Denyvetta Davis

Heather Davis

Jeremiah Davis

Kerry Davis

Pam Davis

Patti Davis

Sebastian Davis

Steve Davis

Margaret Dawkins

Belpre Dean

Pam Dean

Ryan Dean

Alberto de Armendi, MD, PhD, MBA

Grant DeFehr

Arturo Delgado

Mario Delgado

Saundra Delgado

Caroline Dennis

Ricky Dennis

Robert Dennis

Ashleigh Denton

Fran Derrick

Gary Derrick

Daniel Dickerson

David Dickerson

Kayla Coffey Dickey

Matthew Dickey

James Dickson

Karen Diefenderfer

Ricky Dill

Shaun Dillehay

Kyle Dillingham

Vernona Dismuke

John Divelbiss

Michael Do

Levi Dobrinski

Everett Dobson

Ali Dodd

Jonathan Dodson

Peter Dolese

Rep. Mickey Dollens

Taylor Dollens

David Donchin

Bea Donovan, USAF Ret.

Dena Doolin

Deborah Dorton

Charisa Dosher

Kim Doty

Don Douglas

Tiana Douglas

Mike Dover

Christine Dowd

Michael Downes

Pat Downes

Kogee Dozier

Leana Dozier

Steven Drozd

John Paul Drummond

Brandelyn Duden

Ann-Clore Duncan

Perrin Duncan

Walt Duncan

Jenny Dunham

Marc Dunham

Alene Dunlap

Jim Dunlap

Pam Dunlap

Rep. Jason Dunnington

Angela Dunzy

Darren Dupus

Maegen Dupus

Kelli P. Dupuy

Colin Earle

Jimmy Eastep

Jane Eastwood

Matt Eastwood

Nancy Eberle

House Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols

Laura Eckel

Tyler Eckel

Christine Eddington

Bentley Edmonds

Lisa Edmonds

The Hon. Drew Edmondson

Erin Edmondson

Linda Edmondson

Carl Edwards

Holly Edwards

Raylene Penn Edwards

Cynthia Eggeling

Elizabeth Eickman

Adrienne Elder

Amber Elder

David Elder

Marva Ellard

Randi Ellefson

Justin Ellis

Tammy Ellis

Brittany Elliott

Jeanette Elliott

Jordan Elliott

Rand Elliott

Wendy Elliott

Imam Imad Enchassi

Kate England

Evan English

Larry Epps

Megan Ervin

Kyle Essmiller

Peter Evans

Mike Fair

Sherry Fair

Gov. Mary Fallin-Christensen

Clay Farha

Carly Farris

Ali Farzaneh

Hossein Farzaneh

Jalal Farzaneh

MJ Farzaneh

Mohammad Farzaneh

Vahid Farzaneh

Hannah Faulkenberry

Olga Faulkner

Evan Fay

Katie Fay

Lynette Featherstone

Sean Featherstone

Carter Fellers

Fred Fellers

Hal Felsenthal

James Ferguson

Jenika Ferguson

Mary Ferguson

Michael E. Ferguson

Fran Ferrari

Tim Fields

Adam Filer

Grace Filer

Alyssa Filippone

George Fina

Mike Fina

Adam Fink

Kelsey Fink

Amy Cook Fisher

Dee Fisher

Jon Fisher

Kayla Fisher

Mark Fisher

Sarah Fisher

John Fitzgerald

Kurt Fleischfresser

Chris Fleming

Marc Flemon

Chaya Fletcher

Russ Florence

Gerson Flores

State Senator Kay Floyd

Randy Floyd

Dr. Raul Font

Edwin Ford

Linda Ford

Vera Ford

Clint Foree

Darnell Forshee

Tyler Forster

Hannah Foster

Jonathan Fowler

J. Frace

Tyler Francis

Kermit Frank

Benjamin Franklin

Melvin Franklin

Gray Frederickson

County Treasurer Butch Freeman

Elizabeth Freeman

Jennifer Freeman

Todd Freeman

John Frick

Cindy Friedemann

Tom Friedemann

Lucy Fritts

Kelly Dyer Fry

Chip Fudge

Taylor Fudge

Rep. Andy Fugate

Samantha Fugate

Amber Fuller

John Fuller

Bob Funk, Jr.

Jessica Funk

Mirella Gable

Carolyn Gaines

Mosellee Gaines

Patrick Gaines, Sr.

Nadine Gallagher

Caroline Gallaway

Cole Gallaway

Karen Gandy

Daniel Garcia

Jamie Garcia

Jason Garder

Maggie Garino

David Garrett

Jan Garrett

Kim Garrett-Funk

Jesse Gartman

Katie Lynn Gartman

Kari Gatewood

Kevin Gatewood

Brooke Gebb

Dr. Paul Gebb

Jim Gebhart

Karen Gebhart

Deborah George

Noelle Gettemy

Dr. Charles R. Gill, MD, MPH

Dionne Gillespie

Pat Gillespie

Elizabeth Gillum

Chaunté Gilmore

Dr. Erin Glasgow

Linda Glass

Andre Godwin

Carisa Godwin

Kay Goebel, PhD

Joanna Gold

Jonathan Gold

Alan Goldfarb

Sue Goldfarb

Rabbi Ovadia Goldman

Bishop Jeffery D. Goldsmith

Gina Golshani

Becky Gooch

Brent Gooden

Susan Gorton

Vicki Clark Gourley

Katie Grasham

Erica Gray

Nick Gray

Kimberly Grayer

Sunny Graham

Hailey Granger

Beth Graves

Cody Graves

Brent Green

Dustin Green

Teri Green

Trang Green

Tyler Green

Kristi Greene

Stephen Greene

Barbie Greer

Bill Greer

Sami Grega

Frank Gresh

Kevin Grice

Jason Grife

Russell Griffin

Michelle Griffith

Emerald Groom

Mike Groom

Jeff Groves

Rachael Gruntmeir

Cheryl Gubitosi

Gloria Guimond

Justin Guinn

Jake Gumm

Matt Gumm

Allen Gunter

Annette Gunter

Teena Gunter

Allen Hagan

Emrie Hagan

Alice Hager

Dave Hager

Julie Strebel Hager, M.D.

Steve Hahn

Garrett Haines

Scott Hale

Amy Hall

Ben Hall

Lorne Hall

Sandra Hall

Courtney Hambright

Debby Hampton

Bill Hancock

Evan Handy

Nicole Handy

Steve Handy

Melanie Hanebaum

Steve Hanebaum

Spencer Hankins

Sarah Hanks

Jay Hannah

Laura Hardee

Lloyd Hardin

Amanda Harding

Nathaniel Harding

Burns Hargis

J.P. Harl

Aimee Harlow

David Harlow

Brian Harman

Laniece Harper

Helene Harpman

Erick Harris

Dr. Katrina Harris

Scott Harris

Christopher Harrison

Christy Harrison

Katie Harrison

Nola Harrison

TJ Harrison

Malinda V. Harris-Silk

Joseph Harroz, Jr.

Nick Harroz III

Susan Harroz

Luke Harry

Kristen Harstad

John Hart

Joe Hartman

Kristen Hartman

Dr. Ben Harvey

Leigh Harvey

Jim Hasenbeck

Jane Haskin

Judy Hatfield

Cindy Hawkins

Sara K. Hawkins

Marcus Hayes

Crystal M. Heard

Amy Hearn

Greg Heartsill

Chris Heim

Kaylee Heim

John Heisch

Melvena Heisch

Gay Hellman

Larry Hellman

Angela Henderson

Evan Henderson

Joyce Henderson

Ruth Henderson

Taffy Henderson

Denise Hendrickson

Steve Hendrickson

Gov. Brad Henry

Jim Pepper Henry

Robert Henry

Lana Henson

Brenda Hernandez

Carlene E. Hernandez

Carly Hernandez

Emilio Hernandez

Jorge Hernandez

Letisia Hernandez

Cassandra Herring

Jared Herrington

Mike Hickey

Celeste Hickman

Jacob Hickman

Gracie Hicks

Jeremiah Hicks

Karen Hicks

Luis Hidalgo

Leigh Higgins

John Higginbotham

Gary Higgs

Gayle Higgs

Patricia Hight

Glenn Leroy Hightower

Johnson Hightower

Marilyn Luper Hildreth

Hazel Hill

Jordan Hill

Linda A. Hill

Teresa Hill

Vicki Hill

Matt Hinkle

Sonja Hintze

Amber Hocker

Jon Hocker

Joe M. Hodges

Melissa Hoehn

Brandon Hofmeister

Lisa Hofmeister

Randy Hogan

Marcia Holden

Zac Holland

Whitney Lawson Hollar

Katherine Hollifield

Erin Holman

Jim Holman

Pastor John Holmes

Pastor Morris Holmes

Destry Holzschuh

Sam Holzschuh

Hannah Homburg

Dan Homitz

Gary B. Homsey

Mickey Homsey

Erin Honious

Andy Hood

Elaine Hood

Gunnar Hood

Josh Hood

Rhonda Hooper

County Clerk David Hooten

Morgan Hope

Jim Hopper

Kris Hopper

Deidre R. Horn

Marianne Hosler

Nkem House

Ali Hovis

Bob Howard

Denise Howard, RN

Vicki Howard

Vince Howie

Lisa Hubbert

Cliff Hudson

Edward Hudson, Jr.

Leslie Hudson

Dr. Quintin Hughes

Valere Hull

Blu Hulsey

Gail Huneryager

Gary Huneryager

Brennin Hunt

Hollye Hunt

Kelly Hunt

Claudia Hunter

Teressa Hunter

Chad Huntington

Stephanie Hurley

Kay Hurst

Carmela Hurt

Katie Huskerson

Tyler Huskerson

Gabe Ikard

Kristin Ikard

Brian Iley

Kim Iley

Jennifer Imes

Ronnie Irani

Shahnaaz Irani

Craig Ireland

Meredith Ireland

Terese Irwin

Leslie Ives

Steve Ives

Rebekkah Jackman

Joyce Jackson

Marcy Jackson

Steven Jacobi

OKCPS Board Member Carrie Coppernoll Jacobs

Noel Jacobs

John James

Katie James

Marion T. James

Michelle Jameson

Amy Janes

Richard Janes

Leslee Jaramillo

Karissa Jarnagin

Alison Jedlicka

Jyle Jedlicka

Dr. Vinodh Jeevanantham

Larry Jeffries

Dr. M.L. Jemison, Sr.

Mary Marks Jenkins

Valerie Jenkins

Chris Jennings

Tina Jensen

Irma Jestes

A.J. Johnson

Blake Johnson

Dale Johnson

Emily Johnson

Gay Johnson

Jay Johnson

Kit Johnson

David Johnson

Rick Johnson

Commissioner Willa Johnson

Apple Johnston

Brenda Johnston

Edwina Johnston

G. Jason Johnston

Michael Johnston

Bill Johnstone

Eric Joiner

Marla Joiner

Brenda Jones Barwick

Christina Jones

Gary Jones

Gay Jones

Irene Jones

Jenifer Jones

Pastor Jeremid Jones

Lois Felder Jones

Marc Jones

Mautra Jones

Rick Jones

Steven Jones

Donald Jordan

Jim Jordan

Sarah Jordan

Will Jordan

Eric Joseph

Shiela Joyner

Sabih Kalidy

Christian Kanady

Rep. Chris Kannady

Don Kaspereit

Chris Kauffman

Gov. Frank Keating

Dr. David M. Kelley, MD

Brian J. Kelley

Mike Kelley

Scott Kelley

Kent Kelso

Chris Keesee

Michael Keeton

Marsha Keller

Thomas Keller

Joe Kendrick

Lacy Kendrick

Chris Kennedy

John Kennedy

Sallie Kennedy

Tammy Kennedy

Theodore Kennedy

Chase Kerby

Melissa Kerfoot

Steven Kerr

Jerod Kersey

Jessica Kersey

Rick Kersey

Sara Kersey

Rachael Ketcham

Mahmoud A. Khaimi

Fahad Khan

Leslie Kidd

Ryan Kiesel

Brenda Kilmer

Tammie Kilpatrick

Klay Kimker

Amanda King

Amy King

Becky King

Jami King

Justin King

Lindsay King

Maggie King

Scotty King

Tyler King

Christian Kinney

Michael Kirk

Sandra Kirk

Jonna Kirschner

Gene Kirkland, USAF Ret. 

Blair Kirkpatrick

Sandy Kirkpatrick

State Senator Julia Kirt

Ron Kistler

Dr. Jeanie Klabzuba

Brent Kliewer

Christian Kline

Jeff W. Kline

Papa David Knecht

Katy Knight

Mike Knopp

Craig Knutson

Julie Knutson

Mike Koehler

Michael Koenig

Brian Koenke

Cassi Koenke

Stephanie Kondrick

Bishop Ed Konieczny

Barry Koonce

Larry Kordisch

Kristian Kos

Stephen Kovash

Nancy Krause

Aaron Krauss

Layla Krauss

Brad Krieger

Robin Krieger

CMSgt (Retired) Walter Kula

Don Kuntze

Sue Kuntze

Karen Kurtz

Ann Lacy

Jennifer Lacy

Mandy LaForge

Rusty LaForge

Lindsay Laird

Michael S. Laird

Jenny Laisle

Dino Lalli

Millonn Lamb

Donna Lamberti

Jewels Lambros

Hershel Lamirand

Brad Lamprich

Mindy Lamprich

Bill Lance

Sherri Lance

Mark Landrith

Rick Landtroop

Regina Joy Lane

Joseph Lanier

Sara Lanier

Matt Latham

Chris Lauhon

Bruce Lawrence

Donna Lawrence

Chris Lawson

Susan Layton

Trey Lazear

Cody Leake

Megan Leake

Thomas LeBlanc

D. Lebsack

Scarlet Le-Cao

Julie Leclercq

Manny Leclercq

Kirsten Ledington

Charlotte Lee

Jennifer Lee

Mathew Lee

Art LeFrancois

Betsy LeFrancois

Prinye Legg-Jack

Fred Leibrock

Susan Leibrock

Bishop Levi Lenley

Carrie Leonard

Ryan Leonard

Heather Levy

Kyle Levy

Lee Levy, USAF Ret.

David Lewis

Diane Lewis

Gale Lewis

Jodi Lewis

Justin Lewis

Pat Lewis

OKCPS Board Chair Paula Lewis

Carie Lewis-Cox

Rep. Guy Liebmann

Rev. Marshall Liggens

Kolton Liller

Tamara Lilly

Shaoping Lin

Keith Lindsay

Kirsten Lindsay

William Lindsay

Felix Linden

Sally Linhart

Willard Linzy

Sarah Lippencott

Rick Allen Lippert

Pauline Lisle

Ada Little

Pastor Vanuel Little, Jr.

Rob Littlefield

Cheryl Littlejohn

Christopher Lloyd

Carol Loaiza-Davis

Jan Loftis

Jim Loftis

Hayden Logan

Andrew Long

Kendra Loper

Alisha Lopez

Juan Lopez

Karen Lopez

Greg Love

Scott Love

Jenny Love Meyer

Giovanni Lovera

Mollie Lovera

Preston Loving

Rep. Jason Lowe

Julie Lowe

Kim Lowe

El Luber

Chris Lucas

Erika Lucas

Shira Lucky

Ba Luong

Ed Lynn

Elaine Lyons

Lisa Macias

Rachel Madden

Sidna Madden

Andy Mahbubani

Kim Mahn

Ron Mahn

Dan Mahoney

Rhonda Malahy

Joe Mallonee

Sue Mallonee

Danny Maloney

OKCPS Board Member Mark Mann

Becky Mannel

Robert Mannel

Rikki Manners

Tom Manners

Jessica Mannes-Carson

Theodis Manning, Sr. 

Jamie Manoles

Matt Manoles

Crystal Manu

Shirley Manuel

Elizabeth Maples

Gary Marchbanks

Janet Marchbanks

April Marciszewski

Alan Marcum

Dr. Brad Marion

Jan Marion

Peter Markes

Christen Marks

Christian Marks

Anna Marquardt

Sheridan Marquardt

Councilman Gary Marrs

Rev. Dedrick Marsh

Paula Marshall

Traci Marshall

Michelle Martell

Basil Martin

Charles Martin

Edmund Martin

Kay Martin, PhD

Mel C. Martin

Brian L. Martinez

Charmi Z. Martinez

Julio C. Martinez

Jessica Martinez-Brooks

Deborah Mash

Ben Mason

Desmond Mason

Steve Mason

Travis Mason

Meredith Massey

Shiny Rachel Mathew

Kristi Mathis

Trista Matthew

Commissioner Brian Maughan

Brittany Maune

Clint Maune

Jen Matias

Joseph Matias Moris

Hannah May

Sarah May

John Mayhue

Lori Mayhue

Jess McAfee

State Senator Al McAffrey

Destiny McAffrey

Matthew McAffrey

Neal McCaleb

Susan McCalmont

Robert McCampbell

Charissa McCarthy

Julie McCarty

Kasie McCarty

Lindsey McCarty

Amanda J. McCellon

Pastor Frank R. McClarty

Katie McClendon

Fran McClintock

Mike McClintock

John McCloy

Troy McCollum

Don McCombs, Jr.

Rachel McCombs

Virginia Ridgeway McCombs

Kelly McConnell

Laura McConnell-Corbyn

Jacqueline M. McCormick

Mary Kay McCormick

Laurie McCoy

Mark McCoy

Marlene McCoy

Levi McCullough

Louisa McCune

Sean McDaniel

Tom McDaniel

Traci McDaniel

Tracy McDaniel, Sr.

Anthony McDermid

Danielle Mcelfresh

OKCPS Board Member Meg McElhaney

Kathryn McGill

Beth McGinley

Bob McGinley

Todd McGinley

Megan McGinnis

Rev. Cleo McGlory

Denise McGough

Lt. Col. Donald  McGough, USAF Ret.

Kelly McGrath-Malahy

Matt McGuire

James McHenry

Hal McKnight

Richard McKown

Tracy McLain

Adam McLain-Snipes

Liz McLaughlin

Tim McLaughlin

Pastor Ricky McNeal

Scott Meacham

Tavo Medina

David Mead

Michelle Meazell

Ryan Meeks

Stephanie Meeks

Dana Meister

Harry Meister

Mary Melon

Fatima Mendoza

Fred Mendoza

Bill Mentzer

Geri Mentzer

Chris Merideth

Davis Merrey

Frank Merrick

Haley Merrill

Josh Merrill

Katie Meyer

Amanda Meyers

Kent Meyers

Rev. Jon Middendorf

Richard Mildren

Mercedes Miley

Brandon Miller

Cindy Miller

Emily Miller

The Hon. Ken Miller

Lucas Miller

Nancy Miller

Samantha Miller

Stephanie Miller

Ann Millerborg

Rubin Millerborg

Troy Milligan

Jason Mills

Bill Mincey

Lauren Mincey

Diane Ming

Mike Ming

Sarah Minton

Pastor Jeff Mitchell

Laurie Mitchell

Madeline Mitchell

Rodd Moesel

Teresa Moisant

Kelsey Molskness

Jennifer Monies

George W. Monks, MD

Rachel Monks

Linda Monroe

State Senator Angela Monson

Rev. Artemus Monson

Gracie Monson

Sergio Monteiro

Judy Montgomery

Marian Moon

Father Tony Moon

Andy Moore

Clint Moore

Paul Moore

Dr. Rick J. Moore

Stormy L. Moore

Kristina Moosavi

Adolfo “Al” Morales

Travis Morelock

Beverly Morgan

Pastor Clifford Morgan

Ellen Morgan

David Morgan

D.J. Morgan

Pastor Kenneth Morgan

Rev. Mark Morgan

Talia Morgan

Janie Moroz

Alexzandrea Morris

Julianna Morris

Diana Morrison

Jim Morrison

Rob Morrison

Scott Morrison

Ashley Morton

Christina Morton

Clay Moss

Michael F. Muldowney

Elda Muniz

Rusty Muns

Rep. Cyndi Munson

Ana Murphy

Erwin Murphy

Jimmy Murphy

James Murray

Pastor Lawrence Murray

Tanner Muse

Nancy Myer

Thomas Myer

Laurie Myers

Blair Naifeh

Stephanie Naifeh

Sumeeta Nanda, MD

Sumit Nanda, MD

James Nantze

Tekoa Nantze

Cléo Nash

Zach Nash

Nader Nassar

A. Xavier Neira

Bob Nelon

Freddie Nelon

C. Brett Nelson

Dexter Nelson

Jessica Nelson

Jim Nelson

Mark Nelson

Sarah Newman

John Nguyen

Son Nguyen, MD

Thuan Nguyen

Thy Nguyen, MD

Vinh Nguyen

Merilee Nicely

Larry Nichols

Polly Nichols

Mark Nicholson

Gov. George Nigh

Beta Noel

Michael Noel

Mayor Ron Norick

Jordan Nottingham

Pastor Johnny Nubine

Brent Nyberg

Traci Nyberg

Chris Oberst

Erin Oberst

Paul Odom

Dan O’Donoghue

Heidi Offel

Kevin Offel

Brandon O’Gara

Stephanie O’Gara

Michael OHair

Rick OHair

Megan Okot

Lanell Olson

Dr. Larry Olson

Shelby Oltmanns

Helen Opper

Pamela Orellanes

Dave Ortloff

Carlos Ortiz

Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn

Stephanie Oseland

Mary Ann Osko

Zach Osko

John Otjen

Valerie Owens

Russell Pace

Daren Paddyaker

Kim Paddyaker

Rick Padgett

Tammy Padgett

Shanna Padgham, PhD

Joseph P. Painter

Lee Ann Painter

Louise Painter

Coby Palmer

Jennifer Palmer

Kyle Palmer

Mark Parker

Jim Parrack

Amy Parrish

Craig Parrish

Nancy Parrott

Logan Parsons

Julie Partin

Champ Patel

Harshil Patel

Sami Patton

Sandi Patty

Heather Paul

Keith Paul

Todd Pauley

Wendy Pauley

State Senator Lonnie Paxton

Matt Payne

Jon Peck

Kristin Peck

Greg Peery

Jan Peery

Tim Pehrson

Gus Pekara

Lezette Pemberton

Camal Pennington

David Pennington

Teri Pennington

Lee Peoples

Bailey Perkins

Melissa Pepper

Kevin Perry

Melvin Perry

Russell Perry

Tori Perry

Abby Peter

Cassi Peters

Christy Peterson

Guy Peterson

Jolene Peterson

Rob Peterson

Rev. John A. Pettis, Jr.

Shawn Petty

Brian Pever

Lindsey Pever

Joseph Pewo

Joe Phillips

Julia Phillips

Richard Phillips

Ashleigh Phipps

Kyle Phipps

James Pickel

Travis Pickens

Lisa T. Pitsiri

Rep. Ajay Pittman

State Senator Anastasia Pittman

Cacky Poarch

Ben Poe

Mary Blankenship Pointer

Emily Pomeroy

Craig Poos

Renee Porter

Susan Porter

Jordan Post

Darrell Pothorst

Pastor Harvey Potts

Clara Prather

Tracy Prather

Chad Previch

Cheri Price

Christina Price

Ford Price

Keri Price

Louis Price

Marcy Price

Ronnie Price

Michael Privett

Tasha Privett

Adrienne Proctor

Tracey Pruett

Garland Pruitt

Sherri Pryor

Marvin Quinn

Adam Rainbolt

David Rainbolt

Gene Rainbolt

Whitney Rainbolt

Shelly Moisant Rainwater

Jason Ramsey

Jerry Ramsey

Natalie Ramsey

Veran Randle

Pastor Arthur Raney

Joan Raney

Elizabeth Rathgeber

Amy Rau

Richard Ray

Georgia Read

Jeff Records

Brad Reddick

Leslie Reddick

Pastor James E. Reed

Rev. J.A. Reed, Jr.

Jo Reed

James Reeg

Lauri Reeg

Calvin Rees

Adam R. Reese

April Reeves

Kenny Reeves

Karen Renfrow

Paul Renfrow

Dr. Eli Reshef

James Rester

Fred Rhodes

Sherry Rice Rhodes

Valerie Rhodes

Natalie Rice

Tim Rice

Shannon L. Rich

Cristal Richardson

Elizabeth Richardson

Jason Richardson

Julie Richardson

Rebecca Richardson

Sean Richardson

Kristin Richter

Nathan Richter

Diane Ridener

Marilyn Rider

Gary Ridley

Landon Riesenberg

Bruce Rinehart

Brooke Rivera

Alicia Robben

John Robberson

Robin Roberson

Christi Roberts

Gwenda Roberts

Hayden Roberts

Jackson Roberts

Marcy Roberts

Sarah Roberts

Chris Robertson

LaNeale Robertson

Bart Jay Robey

Shawnae Robey

Mike Robins

Tom Robins

Cecilia Robinson-Woods

Kandis Roby

Breanna Rodgers

Rosio Rodriguez

Rev. Dustin M. Rogers

Pastor Greg Rogers

Travis Rollins

John Romano

Pamela Romano

Edie Roodman

Pat Rooney

Teresa Rose

State Senator Paul Rosino

Bob Ross

Dan Ross

Heather Ross

Lalenia Ross

Matthew Ross

Jim Roth

Seth Rott

John Roy

Barbara Royce

Claudio Rubio

Leah Rubio

Robert Ruiz

Francine Ruokangas

Anita Russell

Jessica Russell

Johnathan Russell

Sam Russell

Paul Ryckbost

Jeff Sabin

Mary Sabin

Tara Sageser

Pat Salame

Vicki Salazar

Joy Salyards

Councilwoman Meg Salyer

Terry Salmon

Karen Samis

Marcus Sams

Ed Sanchez

Ernesto Sanchez

Jodi Sanchez

Valerie C. Sanders

Tariq Sattar

Carrie Sauer

Jesse Sauer

Jay Scambler

Avis Scaramucci

Melissa Scaramucci

Todd Scaramucci

Judit Schifferdecker

Dean Schirf

Mike Schmidt

Jesselyn Schmitz-Nakolo

John Schnorrenberg

Blair Schoeb

Lisa Schoelen

Ally Schreck

Charlie Schreck

J.B. Schuelein

Jake Schwab

Angela Bush Scobey

Pastor Derrick Scobey

Teresa Scordino

Stephanie Scott

Kate Scraper, SHRM-SPC

Jennifer Seal

Kim Searls

Tom Searls

Charles C. Seibel

Charles Seitz

Sherrie Seitz

George Selvidge

Sally Selvidge

John Semtner

Karl Semtner

Deborah McAuliffe Senner

Brittany Seraj

Amy Sergent

Dean Sergent

Ashleigh Serrano

Edwin Serrano

John Seward

Frank Sewell

Jason Shain

DeVeron Shannon

Julie Shannon

Aaron Sharpe

Marianne Sharpe

Amber Sharples

Rev. Kevin Lee Shaw

Tamar Shawareb

Bill Shdeed

Saqib Sheikh

Kent Shellenberger

Elizabeth Shells

Kim Shelton

Rep. Mike Shelton

April Shepherd

Paige Williams Shepherd

Putnam City School Board Member Jay Sherrill

Pastor Kenneth Sherrill, Sr.

Don Sherry

Simon Shingleton

Katie Shinn

Taylor Shinn

Tony Shinn

Vickie Shinn

Jackie Shipp

Corey D. Shirey

Natalie Shirley

Torie Shoecraft

Gwen Shogren

Kent Shortridge

Beth Shortt

Carl Shortt

Jerrod Shouse

Ginger Shuffield

Greg Shuffield

William Silk

Candra Silsby

Jake Silverhorn

Jan Simpson

Warren W. Simpson

Jennifer Sims

Sam Sims

Dr. Jeri Singleton

David Sisco

Becky Skidmore

Selena Skorman

Patrick Slatev

D.G. Smalling

Cassidy Smith

Charles Smith

Charlie Smith

Dana T. Smith

Darin Ray Smith

Dr. David W. Smith

Diana Smith

Eric Smith

Erica Smith

Eva-Maria Smith

Gregory S. Smith

Hal Smith

Jennifer Smith

Jordan Smith

Dr. Kent Smith

Lee Allan Smith

Melissa Smith

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Michelle D. Smith

Patricia Smith

Rico Smith

Al Smithee

Micki Smithee

Deby Snodgrass

John Snodgrass

Christine Sockey

Andrew Soliven

Heather Solomon

Alex Soriano

Jeremy Sparks

Leslie Spears

Stan Spears

Stephanie Spears

Nikki Spencer

Matt Spidell

Bob Spinks

Sarah Spinks

K.S. Spivey

Robbie Squires

Dee Dee Stafford

Paul Stafford

Ainslie Stanford

April Stanley, MS, MBA

Jeremy Stanley

Stephanie Stanley

Mark Stansberry

Jeff Starling

Sally Starling

Geren Steiner

Bobby Stem

Delores Stephens

Ellen Stevens

Jerry Steward

Gregory Stewart, DDS

Vanessa Stewart

Minister Johnathan Still

Chris Stinchcomb

Brian Stockton

Lee Anne Stone

Mariann Stone

Renzi Stone

Spencer Stone

Councilman Todd Stone

Marylee Strange

Tim Strange

Jonathon Stranger

Dan Straughan

Mike Stuart

Anika Stucky

Sarah H. Stuhr

Brad Stumph

Dr. Savannah Stumph

Barbara Sullivan

Kim Sullivan

Randy Sullivan

Mitch Surrett

Corey Sutter

Jane Sutter

Amanda M. Swain

Dana Swanson

Jackie Swedlow

Charlie Swinton

Lori Switch

Barry Switzer

David Syler

Tami Syler

Lisa B. Synar

Marcy G. Taber

Naeem Tahirkheli, MD, FACC

Russ Tallchief

Charles Talley

Janet Spears Talley

Dick Tanenbaum

Glenna Tanenbaum

Afia Tariq

Sandy Tarver

Randy Tate

Andrew Taylor

Anitrice Taylor

Erica Burden Taylor

Kara Taylor

Sabra Taylor

Dr. Dee Terrell

Ashley Terry

Kim Terry

Elisha Tetreault

Amanda Thomas

Kristin Thomas

Maguire Thomas

Nina Thomas

Paula Thomas

Riley Thomas

Sara J. Thomas

Scott Thomas

Toby Thomas

Tyler Thomas

Danny Thomason

Rev. Anthony Thompson

Chuck R. Thompson

David Thompson

Devin Thompson

Elisa Thompson

Hayley Thompson

Jeff Thompson

John Thompson

Kathy Thompson

Kelly Thompson

Mary Thompson

Mike Thompson

Sandino Thompson

Sheila Thompson

Clayton Thornton

Summer Tiffie

Charles Ting

Victoria Lee Ting

James Tobler

Tamechia Tobler

Jim Tolbert

Miles Tolbert

Joe Toliver

Megan Tolton

Allison Tomek

Zach Tomek

Dawn Toney

Glen Toney

Stephanie Toney

Stephen Toney

OKCPS Board Member Gloria Torres

Kristen Tosh

Lonny Towell

Lee Towler

Brooke Townsend

Dru Townsend

Kyle Townzen

Candance Lyne Tracy

Victoria Tran

Sean Trauschke

State Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat

Maressa Treat

Gary Tredway

Sheila Tredway

Pastor Wilbert Triplett

Hayden Triska

Tate Triska

Kaci Trojan

Dr. Ryan Trojan

Kacey Trotter

Tim Troxell

Christina Troxtell

Jon Trudgeon

Joe Trzcinski

Jenn Tupps

Ryan Tupps

Kristin Turner

Larraine Turner

Marcy Turner

Ron Turner

Ryan Turner

Mike Turpen

Susan Turpen

Erin Tyler

James Tyler

Elexis Tyler-Wood

Taylor Tyson

Chris Tytanic

Angela Unruh

Karen Valentine

Denny Vanderburg

Leah Vanderburg

Maridale Vanek

Robert Vanek

Matt Van Every

Jeff Van Hoose

Scott VanHorn

Melissa Vara

Shay Varnell

Chad Vesper

Jeffrey Vogle

Seth Von Tungeln

Mike Vorel

Robin Vorel

Mike Voorhees

Sharon Voorhees

Blake Wade

Liz Waggoner

Terry Walden

Rep. Collin Walke

Eddie Walker

Martha Walker

Brent Wall

Lori Walle

Johnny Waller

Alison Walls

Brian Walter

Rev. Derrick Walter, Jr.

Pastor Derrick E. Walter, Sr.

Pastor Johnneese Walter

Orinthal Wandick

Pastor Raymond Wandick

David Wanzer

Dan Ward

Harper Ward

Margo Ward

Ron Ward

Trent Ward

Chad Warmington

Courtney Warmington

Kevin M. Warren

Court Clerk Rick Warren

Shannon Warren

Hardy Watkins

Kari Watkins

Terri Watkins

Deborah Watson

Brad Watson

Lyn Watson

David Watters

Chris Watson

Connie Watts

Lois Watts

Abbykate Waugh

Kenneth Wayne

Nicole Wayne

Jim Webb

Nate Webb

Carrie Webber

Connie Webber

Jess Webber

Jerry Weddington

Stacey Weddington

Travis Weedn

Cameron Weems

Laura Weems

Meredith Oldfield Wegener

Taylor Weinhold

Joe Weinstock

Kristin Weir

Kori Ella Weisser

Amber Welch

Jerrell Welch

Jack L. Werner

Pastor Chester A.  West

Pastor Kenneth West

Rep. Tammy West

Warner West

Levi Wharton

Jane F. Wheeler

Ashley White

Joe White

Kate White

Councilman Pete White

Terri White

Macey Whitehouse

Melissa Whittaker

Robert Whittaker

Linda Whittington

Chuck Wiggin

Renate Wiggin

Daniel Wilkerson

Emily Wilkinson

Kevin Wilkinson

Earl Willey

Melanie Willey

Ben J. Williams

Carrie Williams

Rev. Damasus Williams

Elizabeth Williams

Mark Williams

Molly Williams

Patty Williams

Samantha Williams

Scott Williams

Tyler Williams

Angel Williamson

Haley Williamson

Matthew Williamson

Jacob Willis

Shannon Willis

Sydney Willis

Cynthia A. Wilson

Rev. David Wilson

Dorothy Wilson

Holly Wilson

Julie Wilson

Tracy L. Wilson

Chris Wimberly

Susan Winchester

Jessica Winscher

Casey Winfield

Matt Winfield

Alex Winfrey

Trey Winfrey

Sean Winget

Brandy Wingo

Cassandra Winkleblack

Kat Winstead

Jim Wise

Liz Wise

Hannah Witter

John Witter

Kim Witter

Erick Womack

Laura Womack

Blake Dalton Wood

Susan Wood

Craig Woodruff

Charles E. Woods

Gary Woods

James Woods

Tricia Woodward

Pastor Donald Woody, Sr.

Leigh Woody

Russ Woody

J. Kelly Work

James Worley

Kathleen Worley

Phyllis Worley

Jenna Worthen

Allen Wright

Blake Wright

Chris Wright

Denise Wright

Gena Wright

Scott Wright

Nick Wu

Chad Wulf

Sue Wylie

Sergey Wyrick

Jason Yacabucci

Alex Yaffe

M. Blake Yaffe

Eliot Yaffe

Kevin Yap

Dr. Carlan Yates

Zakia Yazdanipour

Monica Ybarra

April Yeap

Douglas Yeargain

Melissa Yeargain

Elizabeth Yeldell-Jweid

State Senator George Young

Keri Young

Devery Youngblood

Karen Youngblood

Jake Yunker

Don T. Zachritz

Tracey Zeeck

Corinthian Zeka

Heather Zeoli

Jeff Zielny

Paul Ziert

Brent Zweifel

Ted Zweifel