Jan 31, 2022

Mayor Holt Breaks OKC Mayoral Fundraising Records

The campaign to re-elect Mayor David Holt has filed its 2021 fourth quarter fundraising report and its January 2022 fundraising report, as required by law. As of January 24th, the campaign raised $798,579.83 from 1,283 donors: setting records in both categories by an Oklahoma City mayoral candidate. Both records were previously held by Mayor Mick Cornett, who raised $780,000 from 1,198 donors for his 2014 campaign.   

The campaign carried $640,000 into 2022, leaving the vast majority of its funds available for the final five weeks of the campaign, when voters are most engaged

“I am truly humbled that our campaign is bolstered by the support of so many OKC residents from every corner of our great city,” said Mayor David Holt. “As Election Day approaches, our campaign will continue to deploy our financial resources to run an inclusive, positive campaign that touts OKC’s continued renaissance, record-low unemployment, and continued investment in public safety and infrastructure.”

Below is a ranking of the funds raised by all previous OKC mayoral candidates (over $90,000): 

  1. David Holt 2022 – $798K 

  2. Mick Cornett 2014 – $780K

  3. David Holt 2018 – $473K

  4. Jim Tolbert 2004 – $292K (pre-election filing, final amount was somewhat higher)

  5. Kirk Humphreys 1998 – $231K

  6. Guy Liebmann 1998 – $218K

  7. Mick Cornett 2004 – $141K (pre-election filing, final amount was somewhat higher)

  8. Mick Cornett 2006 – $125K (estimate)

  9. Pete White 1987 – $125K

  10. Ron Norick 1987 – $100K

  11. Ed Shadid 2014 – $94K

Note: This list only includes dollars raised through donations.  Humphreys 1998 and Shadid 2014 both significantly self-funded their campaigns, bringing their overall campaign spending totals above $400,000 in each case.

Note: This list does not include potential qualifying totals from other 2022 mayoral candidates, as their latest reports were not yet available at the time this release was prepared.