Nov 11, 2021

Mayor David Holt Enters Final 98 Days of Mayoral Campaign with Fundraising 50 Times Greater than Opponents

With exactly 98 days till the Oklahoma City mayoral election on February 8th, incumbent Mayor David Holt enters the final stretch of the campaign with high approval ratings, major endorsements, and fundraising that is 50 times greater than his nearest opponent.

The campaign to re-elect David Holt as Oklahoma City’s mayor filed its third quarter report before the October 31 deadline and revealed that as of September 30, the final day of the reporting period, the campaign had raised a total of $616,430.52 towards Holt’s 2022 re-election. That is the second-highest total in OKC mayoral history (behind the $780,000 raised by Mayor Mick Cornett in 2014). Over 700 donors have contributed to the campaign so far. There are two other announced candidates for mayor who were active during the third quarter. One filed a report showing $11,700.00 raised for his campaign, while the other reported having raised a total of $3,913.00.

“I continue to be grateful for the overwhelming support from so many,” said Mayor Holt. “This support will give us the opportunity to tell the story of OKC’s remarkable success and remind voters of their opportunity on February 8th to continue OKC’s renaissance for another four years.”

A recent publicly-released scientific poll conducted by CHS & Associates showed that 53 percent of voters are already committed to re-electing David Holt as Mayor. Incumbents are generally considered “safe” when that number is above 40 percent. When looking at voters who have voted in at least two of the last three municipal elections, the percentage rises as high as 65 percent. The same poll showed that Republican and Democratic voters both hold Mayor Holt in high esteem, with favorable / unfavorable ratings among Republican voters at 54 to 19 and among Democratic voters at 61 to 12.

Mayor Holt’s re-election was also recently endorsed in an unprecedented and historic joint announcement by the police officers and fire fighters of Oklahoma City.

Mayor Holt was elected with 78 percent of the vote in 2018, the highest percentage for a non-incumbent mayor since 1947. His signature initiative – MAPS 4 – received 72 percent of the vote in 2019, the highest percentage of support for a sales tax in modern OKC history. A recent scientific poll conducted by the City of Oklahoma found that 75 percent of residents feel the city is heading in the right direction.

The mayoral election will be held on Tuesday, February 8th.